2024 Jeep 4xe Driving Modes

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2023 Jeep Wrangler 4xe

Elevate every drive around Branford and beyond with a 2024 Jeep 4xe hybrid. This plug-in hybrid (PHEV) offers three driving modes based on how you want to use the hybrid powertrain or the level of electricity in the hybrid battery. You’ll find a Jeep 4xe hybrid model with the Wrangler and Grand Cherokee

Read all about the 2024 Jeep 4xe driving modes with our guide here. We think you’ll enjoy any of the Jeep 4xe hybrids on our lot, particularly when you see the Jeep 4xe MPG in Hybrid mode to save on fuel!

2024 Jeep 4xe Driving Modes List & Specs

A conventional hybrid vehicle has a single driving mode that combines electric and gasoline power. For the Jeep 4xe hybrid PHEVs, there are three driving modes.

We’ll discuss the Jeep 4xe MPG in Hybrid mode as well as the numbers behind Jeep 4xe eSave mode.

  • In Electric Mode, the Jeep 4xe runs on 100% battery power when you want to save on fuel for short runs and commutes. You can also use it to enjoy the quiet on your off-road treks! Electric Mode is ideal for daily commutes of less than 21 miles because the electric-only powertrain lasts for 21 miles. If you can get to a charger at work, you can easily go to the office without using a drop of gasoline.
  • Jeep 4xe Hybrid Mode works like a hybrid vehicle powertrain, combining the electric motor and gasoline engine. The Jeep 4xe MPG in Hybrid Mode reaches up to 49 MPGe and an overall range of 370 miles.
  • When electric power runs out, Jeep 4xe eSave Mode comes into play. It powers the vehicle with the internal combustion engine while reserving battery power for later.

Jeep 4xe Hybrid Mode Details

Maximize your fuel economy thanks to the Jeep 4xe MPG in Hybrid Mode. Don’t worry about what happens when the battery power runs out because then the vehicle automatically shifts over to the Jeep 4xe eSave Mode. The Jeep 4xe Hybrid Mode is the default setting for 4xe models. It gives you outstanding acceleration, horsepower, instant torque, and fuel economy to give you the best fuel efficiency.

How far can you go in Hybrid Mode? The Jeep 4xe MPG in Hybrid Mode reaches 49 miles per gallon/kilowatt (MPGe)

Jeep 4xe Electric Mode Details

So long as your battery is at 1% or above, your Jeep 4xe can run on 100% electric power for emissions-free driving in Milford. Jeep 4xe models can drive for up to 21 miles in Electric Mode.

Jeep 4xe eSave Mode Details

In Jeep 4xe eSave Mode, the 2.0L engine provides most of the power while saving back the battery for idling or when you want a quiet ride. Putting your Jeep 4xe hybrid in this mode means the internal combustion engine will shut off automatically when power demand is low, like when you’re at a stoplight. Switching to eSave mode is a good idea if you’re trying to save power for a trip later in the day without stopping at a charging station to plug in and recharge. 

When driving the Jeep 4xe in eSave Mode, gas mileage is 20 MPG. That’s still pretty good!

Jeep 4xe Regenerative Braking Technology

Regenerative braking represents an innovative feature that charges the Jeep 4xe electric battery as the vehicle slows down. This process charges the battery a little bit at a time without stopping to recharge! It also offers the benefit of slowing the vehicle without pressing the brake pedal, meaning your brakes will last longer. This feature stays on unless you choose to turn it off on North Haven drives.

Test Drive a Jeep 4xe Hybrid at Executive Jeep

Do you have questions about Jeep 4xe Hybrid Mode, Electric Mode, or eSave Mode? Contact us or call 203-239-5371. We’d be happy to help! We encourage you to schedule a test drive to get behind the wheel of one of these beauties on New Haven roads. You could even save some cash with our new vehicle specials!


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